A working fishing port with an important artist community

One of the largest fishing fleets in the UK along with a unique setting and history combine to make Newlyn a fascinating place to visit. I have known this place since my childhood, not much has changed except perhaps who now owns the houses.

A proud and important fishing industry making an important contribution to the Cornish economy. Salted Pilchards used to create a huge source of employment but have now lost popularity amongst the native population although still enjoyed on the Mediterranean. Cornish sardines are finding a new renaissance while in essence are the same fish.

Like St.Ives Newlyn became a popular location for artists with the Newlyn School being established during the 1880's. The natural light attracting artsits who painted outdoors (En plein air) along with cheap living and the availability of inexpensive models. Many artists still live and paint in Newlyn today.