Argyll and Bute, Scotland

Thanks to Caledonian MacBrayne and their ferry services to the Hebridean Isles Oban can have quite a romantic atmosphere, stories and adventures abound. A working town with a busy harbour serving ferries and fisher folk attracts a considerable number of tourists. Despite this Oban can still appear to be somewhat past its sell by date. Expensive sea food restaurants are not far from less imposing housing and shops. Suggesting that perhaps not all the wealth generated by the tourist industry remains in Oban.

The landmark folly of McCraig's Tower dominates the town with its pastiche Roman Colosseum looking somewhat surreal in a Scottish Landscape. The tower was started as a project to give employment to local stone masons during hard times. Construction ceased on the death of John Stewart McCaig (1824-1902). The council have since made an attractive garden area within the towers walls.

Glorious sunsets are common on the West Coast of Scotland and here they engulf the islands of Mull, Kerrera and Lismore making a fine sight.