Prague, The Czech Republic

Impressions of Prague

A short trip to the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, left some lasting impressions of the grandeur of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings. Beer, pork, dumplings and cakes also left the odd impression. A very effective public transport system that relies on trust to be both inexpensive and efficient. An abundance of street furniture clocks everywhere never lets you escape the real time...

Surprising is the amount of graffiti which appears nearly everywhere, possibly encouraged by the "John Lennon Wall" which promotes such art. Some of the graffiti is interesting but most appears to be simply vandalism and is now being tackled by Prague officials who are trying to rid the capital of this blight. Historically some graffiti dates back to young people complaining about the harsh reality of communist Czechoslovakia. In November 1989 Czechoslovakia returned to a liberal democracy and then through the peaceful "Velvet Revolution" in January 1993 split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

All shot on the Fuji X-100F