John Todd's Roma

“Indisputable evidence that the trip was made”

“Indisputable evidence that the trip was made”

New project with a new book. "Indisputable evidence that the trip was made" is to quote from an essay by Susan Sontag (Plato's Cave), first published as part of a series of essays concerning photography and appearing in the New York Review of Books between 1973 and 1977. A recent trip to Rome highlighted how little has changed apart from new technology altering the way tourists interact with their surroundings.

The democratisation of photography as process along with the relative ease of obtaining images from the wealth of digital devices now available is creating an almost manic pursuit of image making. The juxtaposition of high-tech with ancient, iconic and resplendent architecture forms a compelling subject that others, such as Martin Parr, have also looked at. Tourists now appear to be more concerned than ever with evidence of being there than actually being there...

All shot on the Fuji X-E1

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